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Something hardcore for our sissy trainer tonight!
And something for BBC loving sissy sluts among you ;)
I think we didn’t have anything BBC since I’m back…
So here is the 9th episode of HoldItSissy’s training series…
“BBC Submissive”!
Long and powerful sissy trainer with a lot of beautiful big black cocks!

Anna Malice

Or if you prefer Xvideos:


Tonight, I have a pleasure to present the newest creation by HoldItSissy!
It’s really an amazing BBC sissy video!
With an amazing concept ;)
The video tells a story…
A story about the Power of a BBC ;)

Anna Malice


It’s been a while since HoldItSissy released the last video…
So I have a pleasure tonight to publish HoldItSissy latest work!
“The Devil Makes Us Sin”!
This is powerful and feminizing video!
Beautifully chosen videos of beautiful trannies…
With hypnotic music and that mindblowing audio hypno voice seducing your mind throughout the video…

Anna Malice


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