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My dear friend Jade was so sweet to make another amazing caption dedicated to me, to this site and for all you sissy gurls who are following it :)
There is really nothing better to see a dedication like this…
It really warms my heart ;)
And to see how beautiful Jade is…
It’s a true inspiration for every sissy ;)
Thanks Jade, gurls enjoy!

for all those pretty silly bois... by jade

For today, another lovely caption by Jade TV! ;)
Its’ been a while since the last one :)
Thank you Jade for dedicating another of your personal captions to my site…
You are beautiful!

there is no going back

You loved very much the first one…
So I got to share with you another personal caption made by Jade…
And dedicated to this site and all of you gurls :)
I really like how these captions are quickly becoming a genre on their own!
So amazing!
Thank you Jade ;)

You did this

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