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#2279 – Lexi Mistress: Anal Plug For Christmas

Well gurls let me post one more Christmas video for you :)
Actually this is a repost of a video that was originally posted a long long time ago… And it was also deleted for a long time…
A lot of you demanded for it to be available again…
Now many of the “new” sissies might never saw it…
But this video was one of the videos that a lot of sissies started with :)
A real humiliation/feminization classic :)
And of course it’s coming from evil Lexi Mistress :)
Even the Christmas is a great occasion for her to force you into sissification ;)

Anna Malice


It’s been a long time since the last time Lexi Mistress was featured at the site…
The queen of sissy humiliation and exposing ;)
In this video telling you the truth about you small sissy dicklett ;)
And what you are and what you are not allowed to do with it ;)
She is so incredible like always ;)

Anna Malice


For today another installment of Lexi’s series…
With one of the sissies’ favorite topics – chastity ;)
So let Lexi guide you into locking your useless tiny sissy clitty into chastity…
In her usual humiliation way ;)

Anna Malice


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