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I see you gurls loved very much CD Lucy’s video posted a few days ago…
And it’s really great!
So today for our amateur collection I’m posting another Lucy’s video… ;)
Another long video of sexy Lucy making love with her man ;)
She is so beautiful!

Anna Malice


Sexy CD Lucy Taylor is today star of our amateur collection…
Some of her videos were posted before and she is such a cutie! ;)
Beautiful sissy gurl that serves as a true inspiration for every sissy ;)
Nice 20+ minutes long sex video from her ;)

Anna Malice


#2499 – Amateur & Fetish – Christmas Bunny Lucy

Well it’s not Christmas but anyway ;)
For today’s sissy amateur collection nice video by lovely Lucy CD…
As a sexy Christmas bunny ;)
She looks sweet and she gives her men a lot of pleasure…
Like every sissy should do ;)

Anna Malice


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