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Numberonefan is back!
With a brand new Sissysonics episode! ;)
Now something like this is perfect for a sissy to enjoy on Saturday night!
Long and powerful, feminizing and hypnotic ;)

Anna Malice


For today another creation by Numberonafan…
But this is not really a usual hypno or trainer video…
It’s a homage video to beautiful amateur CD gurl Michaela ;)
Being so in love with amateur videos I always love to see them used for sissy videomaking art…
Watching sexy gurls like Michaela is always so inspirational ;)

Anna Malice


Saturday Night premiere comes a little bit earlier this time :)
It was nice to see that the first episode of Numberonefan’s new series “Sissysonics” got great ratings!
So for today I have a pleasure to present the episode 2! ;)
It’s another long hypno trip for sissies!
So powerful!
So gurls… Enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


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