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While I was absent, PandoraSissy released another sissy masterpiece!
Her fifth video overall!
Some of you might have seen it, some have not ;)
So today I would like to present “Bimbo Dream” by PandoraSissy!
What can you say about an artwork like this…
So much talent and originality and work is needed to create such a high quality and powerful sissy video!
It’s simply amazing!
It’s long and powerful and perfect for you gurls to enjoy it on this weekend…
Multiple times ;)
Also, make sure to visit Pandora’s site, where you can download all of her videos in 1080p HD:!

Anna Malice


Well, tonight I have a huge pleasure to present a new video by PandoraSissy!
I’m always delighted to see a new work from her out!
And “Cum Therapy” is not another amazing work in her catalog ;)
It’s a beautiful ode to real men cum ;)
That seductive hypnotic voice is amazing…
It’s really able to speak to a sissy’s mind ;)
I will let you gurls enjoy!

Anna Malice


It’s time for our Saturday Night Premiere!
And I have a huge pleasure to present a brand new video by one of our most talented artists – PandoraSissy!
“The Last Step” is the name of her latest video…
And it’s amazing!
Beautiful visual effects and voiced by DirtyGirlsSecret!
It comes in two versions…
The main one is with the captions/text… The second one is without text ;)
I’m sure you gurls will LOVE this sissy masterpiece!

Anna Malice

The version without text:


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