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The Hole!
That’s the title of our today’s video!
Created by together Sissy Couture (it’s been a long time since we had a new video from one of the best sissy artists ever) and Professor Cumslut… ;)
And it’s definitely not your usual video…
But completely extraordinary and unique artwork ;)
And so powerful and hypnotizing…
As it is said, it’s best to watch with headphones and of course in full screen… ;)
And let it completely take over your sissy mind ;)
Also please visit blogs of both authors:
Sissy Couture:
Professor Cumslut:

Anna Malice


Another premiere by Sissy Couture for our collection tonight ;)
Titled “Bass”, a club style sissy music artwork…
With usual great effects by Sissy Couture…
Another beautiful sissy mix to enjoy! ;)
Sissy Couture’s blog:

Anna Malice


For Saturday night as usually another great sissy premiere!
This time, a new masterpiece by Sissy Couture… ;)
Titled “Dickdream”… Another addition to her outstanding catalog of wonderful sissy artworks…
And I can definitely say this is one of the best!
Really great idea and realization, visual and audio effects together make this video perfect!
So follow her directions from the beginning of the video and enjoy… faggots :)
Also, don’t forget to visit her wonderful blog: Fagged Out ;)

Anna Malice


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