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Nice new video we got for Saturday night premiere tonight ;)
After a short hiatus, Sissychick is back with a new video!
9th episode of her series, titled “Sissy Self-Pleasure”…
In her unique style, erotic new sissy artwork ;)

Anna Malice


It’s time for another episode from Sissychick’s production ;)
It’s 8th overall…
With the title “Daddy’s Little Cum Whore” ;)
I really like this erotic video effects in Sissychick’s videos…
And how beautifully those gifs and captions are mixed ;)
So powerful!
Enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


For tonight, it’s time for a new addition to our hypno collection by Sissychick…
“The Longing”, it’s the seventh Sissychick’s episode overall…
IN my opinion probably the best, it’s sooo effective!
Really a beautiful mix of these gifs, videos and captions…
Some of gifs are so incredible with their messages!
True sissy art ;)

Anna Malice


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