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Now I would like to end this sissy weekend with an amazing hypno video!
Another great creation by SissyHypnoSlut!
The style of this video is really a classic sissy HYPNO ;)
Hypnotic audio and beautiful visual mix by SissyHypnoSlut…
So powerful!
I would suggest everyone to watch this on loop :)
Enjoy gurls!

Anna Malice


One very hot sissy video I would like to present today!
“Focus On Your Dreams” by SissyHypnoSlut! ;)
It’s a beautiful video with a powerful message to you gurls ;)
Enjoy it!

Anna Malice


I always have a lot of pleasure when I am about to present a new video that’s original and unique!
Tonight, I’m glad to introduce a new artist – SissyHypnoSlut!
It’s her first video!
And I’m sure your gurls are going to love the concept of this video! ;)
Because I know every one of you gurls were thinking about how it would look like…
If you would wake up as girl tomorrow ;)

Anna Malice


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